The spare parts platform for the lime industry

Sparrow4Lime is a cloud based service for pooling, managing and optimizing spare parts using big data and AI, supporting the Lime industry globally

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Spare parts data cleaning

  • A unique digital catalog of all spare parts in the Lime industry

  • an automated process for cleaning and standardizing spare parts data

  • find duplicates and obsolete parts in your data (typically 5-15%)

Check how SPARROW.Clean works

Spare parts pool for the Lime industry

  • The pool connects operators to other operators and to manufacturers and suppliers of Lime production technology.

  • Operators are able to search the pool to find spare parts when they need them.

Check  how SPARROW.pool works

Spare parts planning and optimization

  • an AI based app for planning the optimal spare parts stock

  • Typically optimizes stock by 20-40%

Check  how SPARROW.plan works

Spare parts subscription

  • A platform for purchasing and managing spare parts subscriptions

  • Operators can request Suppliers / OEMs/ Manufacturers to hold parts at high availability

Check how SPARROW.Stock works

Spare Parts on Sparrow

Intelligent Blower

autopilot up to 12 machines,also for varying pressure

Positive Displacement Blower Stages

GM 35 S, arrangement 10 without mountings, Medium: Air,Neutral Gases, Conveying: Oil Free, Volume flow:30 to  65,000 m3/h, Pressure: -500 mbar 1,000 mbar

Signal converter/insulator NC contact 2-channel

Ex-input: NAMUR sensor/switch, Safe-output: relay, NC contact, 2-channel

Pressure transmitter Cerabar PMC71B
Endress + Hauser

2-wire 4-20mA HART Gland M20, plastic, IP66/68 NEMA Type 4X/6P G1/2 EN837, PVDF10bar/1MPa/150psi FFKM Kalrez


Spare parts on the Sparrow4Lime Pool


Of Lime production sites in Germany  on the pool


Lime production sites in range of the spare parts pool

Mr. Carlo Cella

CEO X4LIME and QualiCal

" In time-critical situations when SPARE PARTS are needed immediately #LIMEGLOBALBRAIN opens its partner warehouse for LIME producers. Because we know that in an emergency, every day counts. Be part of the NEXT GENERATION lime digital revolution!"

Mr. August Buchberger

CEO Carbotechnik

Our goal is to bring SPARE PARTS into the digital age. Let’s face it, eventually a component on your system will need replaced. Whether it is a regularly scheduled consumable part, a part you should have on stand-by when commissioning the system, a critical spare to keep on hand to minimize down-time in case of failure, or just a replacement part, X4LIME and the #LIMEGLOBALBRAIN has you covered.

Mr. Mathios Nickolas

Business & Development Mathios Refractories

We decided to join X4LIME SPARE PARTs POOLING to offer a complete stock of pay-per-use spare parts and components to keep your system running smoothly and efficiently.

Mr. Alessio Recli

CEO Aerzen Italia

“To build a better world, we need to be supportive, empathetic, inventive, passionate, and above all, cooperative.” - That's why we are moving #spareparts into the digital age joining the #limeglobalbrain #pooling platform developed by X4LIME in co-operation with Sparrow Networks GmbH


Less Overstock And Waste

Reduce your spare parts stock. Rely on a large pool of spare parts in your area. Additionally, AI algorithms predict your demand for spare parts.

Only stock parts you need.

Higher Availability, Less Downtimes

Access critical parts in emergencies. Connect to other companies and suppliers with similar parts in your area and view hidden supply.

Never get stuck again.

Lower Manual Effort

Manage your spare parts stock in a central, cloud based tool. The Sparrow Stock Manager reduces time spent on managing lists of spare parts while increasing accuracy.

No more Excels.

Better Source For Obsolete Parts

Find and procure hard-to-find obsolete parts. Keep your machines running longer. Sell your own parts when they are not needed.

Stop discarding money.

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