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Sparrow.Plan is a SaaS product for planning and optimizing  spare parts stocks. Using tens of data points, live info from suppliers and learning algorithms, Sparrow.Plan is able to recommend the ideal stock room level: eliminate over stock and reduce downtime


Of spare parts in a typical stock room are rarely used..

Are you keeping stock you don’t need?


Of industrial operators say they’ve recently had a spare parts related downtime

Are you sure you’re covered?


Of key data for spare parts is incorrect in a typical stockroom.

Are your procurement and maintenance teams wasting times searching for parts?

What others say about us

Global Reliability Lead

Global Pharma Company, USA

“This product gives me goose-bumps. It saves 50% of my work, and the 50% I don’t like to do”

Head of Plant Maintenance

Global Automotive OEM, Germany

“Great support for the decision making process. Sparrow offers the visualization we need to make decisions.”


Free up working capital by eliminating overstock.

Reduce downtime risk by predicting spare parts demand and supply.

Streamline the planning process with Sparrow’s recommendations and workflow.

Take control of your stock with powerful metrics.

Sparrow.Plan Key features

Planning and optimization for every spare part on stock

  • Sparrow.Plan uses part specific demand forecasting based on the part classification
  • Customized per site based on local historical data for spare parts procurement and usage
  • A learning algorithm improves recommendations based on user input and new data

User friendly and intuitive application for data-driven spare parts planning

  • Key stockroom metrics at your fingertips
  • Detailed analysis per part gives you confidence and control
  • Built-in approval processes reflect your internal processes

Collaboration and integration with leading ERPs

  • Supporting import and export templates
  • Live integration with ERP possible - for ingesting updated data and sending planning records

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The first and only fully integrated spare parts management product designed to manage spare parts in the 21st century