Machine learning powered data cleaning solution

Sparrow.Clean is a Software-as-a-Service product for cleaning and enriching spare parts data sets using manufacturers' catalogs and Machine Learning algorithms.


Of spare parts in a typical
stock room are obsolete.

Do you know which your parts are duplicates?


Of spare parts in a typical
stock room are duplicates.

Are you overstocking parts because of duplicate data?


Of key data for spare parts is
incorrect in a typical stockroom.

Are your procurement and maintenance teams wasting time searching for parts?

What others say about us

Lead Project Manager SAP-EAM Integration

Global-Top-10 Animal Health Company, Germany

“It makes my life easy!”

Sanne Klit

Head of Parts Logistics, Beumer Group

“Sparrow really helps us manage and share accurate spare parts data internally and with our customers. In one word: FANTASTIC !!!”

Spare Parts Coordinator

Global Top-10 Pharma Company, Germany

“Sparrow delivered far more than we Expected”


Reduce stock by eliminating duplicate parts in your stock room.

Minimize risk of stock-outs of  obsolete parts by early identification.

Source faster and cheaper using correct and verified part information.

Give your maintenance teams a boost with better parts data and faster search.

Sparrow.Clean Key features

Data cleaning and enriching based on thousands of catalogs and millions of spare parts

  • AI algorithms extract key information from your data
  • OCR extracts key data from images
  • Data-sets matched with original catalogs
  • Results are cleaned and standardized

Enrichment and enhancement of data

  • Duplicates identified and merged
  • Technical attributes added
  • Standardized short descriptions created
  • Lifecycle data added: active, obsolete, to-be-discontinued and replacement parts

User friendly and intuitive application for reviewing results

  • Powerful search on all data
  • Key changes highlighted for review
  • Supporting approval processes

Collaboration and integration with leading ERPs

  • Supporting import and export templates
  • Live integration with ERP possible
  • Create new materials in Sparrow, to be sent to ERP corrected and enriched

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