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Sparrow helps you

get the parts
you need

when you need them

Sparrow enables members to anonymously share parts in need.
It connects the spare parts stock of companies using similar machines (e.g. airports, logistics providers).


As companies rely on Sparrow for parts more, overall levels of parts stock will decrease, reducing maintenance costs.

Sparrow provides a virtual shared stock room


Of operators say they recently had downtime due to missing parts


Of operators say they overspend on parts


Of spare parts stock value is the average annual cost of ownership

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your spare parts stock

Less downtime, higher availability

Access an unlimited pool of spare parts

Lower costs for Spare Parts

Buy fewer new parts, reduce current stock

Continuous replenishment 

Sell parts from the shelf, replenish with new ones 

Stock to revenue

Profit from selling stocked parts

Reduced waste

Discard fewer parts, help the environment


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