The next level of spare parts supply chain.

Sparrow.Pool is a network connecting operators, manufacturers, and distributors. Share, source, and sell effortlessly.


Of spare parts in a typical stock room are rarely used..

Are you keeping stock you don’t need?


Of industrial operators say they’ve recently had a spare parts related downtime

Are you sure you’re covered?


Parts on the Sparrow pool

Wouldn’t you want to have access to these parts in your emergencies?

What others say about us

Mr. Carlo Cella

CEO X4LIME and QualiCal

" In time-critical situations when SPARE PARTS are needed immediately #LIMEGLOBALBRAIN opens its partner warehouse for LIME producers. Because we know that in an emergency, every day counts. Be part of the NEXT GENERATION lime digital revolution!"

Dr. Christoph Beumer

Chairman of the Board, Beumer Group

We believe Sparrow is a game changer for spare parts. We are proud to support such an innovative platform that will give our clients the chance to significantly reduce their stock and capital employed.


Find new and better supply sources for spare parts

Optimize your stock by pooling internally and with partners

Sell parts that are no longer needed

Sparrow.Pool Key features

Ad Hoc spare parts pools

  • Create an internal spare parts pool with your sites
  • Connect with other companies to share parts
  • Establish partner pools with suppliers for better transparency and shorter lead times

Spare parts supplier discovery

  • Enhance supply chain resilience by adding diverse sources for your spare parts
  • Stock fewer parts by finding suppliers with better lead times

Source spare parts in emergencies

  • View live stock levels from operators and suppliers in your pools
  • Request a part in emergency processes to reduce the risk of stock out due to long lead times

Sell unneeded spare parts stock

  • Offer unneeded spare parts in your custom pools or the Sparrow open pool


  • Live integration to any ERP
  • Semi automatic (file based) integration also possible

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The first and only fully integrated spare parts management product designed to manage spare parts in the 21st century