Key Issues with Spare Parts

  • Of spare parts are discarded unused (and
    cost money on the shelf)
  • Of industrial operators say they recently had downtime due to missing parts
  • Median lead time for spare parts in the material handling industry

Sparrow combines an innovative approach to spare parts management with state of the art AI and research to optimize spare parts across the industry

Why Spare Parts Pooling works

Spare parts pooling is not a new concept. It has been studied extensively in academia and executed in different industries. The largest active pool is the pool for aircraft spare parts (IATP).
But how does pooling help? The demand for spare parts is difficult to predict as it’s lumpy and intermittent. Lead times for spare parts are long and unpredictable. This means that spare parts stocking decisions taken at a single site level are not optimal. When pooling many sites that need similar spare parts together, each individual site can stock less parts, relying on the network for emergencies.

How the Sparrow pool works


  • Upload spare parts stock data from your stock management tool using or Excel files using or via an API


  • Sparrow algorithms clean up parts data and enrich it using manufacturers' master parts data


  • Sparrow enables you to search spare parts stocks of other machine operators, parts suppliers and manufacturers


  • Sparrow offers fulfillment so you can get the part you need, when you need it, hassle free

Spare parts optimisation

Sparrow provides a unique spare parts prediction solution. Sparrow takes data from you (spare parts stock, BOM lists and more), data about parts from manufacturers and understanding of the supply chain to create a best-in-class prediction for spare parts demand. 

frequently asked questions

Where is the actual stock kept?

Members keep their stocks in their respective stock rooms.
Sparrow keeps data only.

Can we control what we share on Sparrow?

100%. Sparrow members have full control over what they share. We never share parts unless approved by the owners.

Do I share parts or data with my competitors?

Sparrow aims to connect anyone who owns similar parts. This includes competitors. So you may share parts with or use parts from competitors. However, all transactions and data remain anonymous.