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Sparrow is a Berlin based startup aiming to radically improve the supply chain for industrial spare parts. 

We are working with industrial machine-and -parts manufacturers and operators. Our goal is to develop better ways to ensure high technical availability at lower costs. 

We believe that through access to better data and tools we can address many of the current issues in the industrial aftermarket. 

We are based in Germany but support customers across Europe.

Lars Anders

Lars is a Sparrow co-founder and Managing Director. Lars has 8 years experience in the automotive spare parts aftermarket. he helped build up kfzteile24’s private label “f.becker” as a stand alone brand and company. In 2015, Lars joined another kfzteile24 leader to build up a new online business for automotive spare parts.

Meir Veisberg

Meir is a Sparrow co-founder and Managing Director.  He has 10 years of experience in software product management as a product manager and leader of product teams. Meir has a background in business strategy from working at ING's corporate strategy department.